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Why use a Broker ? Here are some reasons why

Insurance brokers give you advice.

Are you really getting the cover you need from an online comparison site?

Insurance brokers explain the reasons for the questions and explain the relevant terms to you; to disclose the correct information to insurers to ensure that a claim is not rejected.


Do you have the technical knowledge?

No two insurance policies are the same.

Insurance brokers have extensive knowledge and can quickly compare insurance quotes – not just for the best premium but for the best level of cover.

If you do not understand the terminology, you may find that you are not covered when you need to make a claim.


Deal with a human being.

Large internet based insurance companies invariably use call centres and it can be extremely frustrating to get hold of a real person, especially when you need to make a change to your policy or make clam.

The impersonal nature of call centres means it can be very difficult to talk to someone you have dealt with before and they may not understand your business or situation like an insurance broker does.


Insurance brokers do the hard work.

An independent insurance broker will search a range of insurance companies to get you the level of cover you require.


Insurance brokers understand the market.

Every policy contains terms and conditions. An insurance broker will take time to explain these to you or make sure they aren’t imposed unnecessarily.


Cheaper premiums may mean poorer cover.

No two individuals have the same insurance needs. The policy cover can vary so much between insurance companies and the main reason why some comparison sites offer cheaper premiums is because the policies they offer are usually quite basic. The excesses vary, the cover limits are different, and the terms imposed may be more stringent.

An insurance broker will make sure that you are covered for exactly what you need.

By using an internet comparison site you become your own broker and if you don’t fully understand the terms of the policy you could be covered for a lot less than you think you actually are.


Deal with someone you know and who knows you.

An insurance broker works for you,  which means they look after your  interests and provide the best  policy to meet your needs.


In the event of a claim your insurance Broker will:


  1. Advise you on what you can claim for.
  2. Help you present your claim to insurers.
  3. Negotiate with insurers or loss adjusters on your behalf.
  4. Ensure that all parties in the claim work together to ensure a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

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